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The Teacher in Me…Hedghog Hints

One of my graphic guy’s biggest challenges is to keep me from trying to teach everything I know in each pattern. I’ve found a way to satisfy my need to teach, help and otherwise advise. My new section will contain tips and tricks that I have picked up over 30 years of sewing. These are the techniques I use myself that save time and aggravation. My goal is to achieve consistent results…especially when I’m writing patterns (or teaching). Where possible, I’ll credit the person who taught me. Most of these subjects have appeared in some of my patterns. Feel free to share this information but please don’t forget to mention where you got it!

“Hedgehog Hints” - Click on the links below to download PDF files!

Tips & Tricks for a Successful Project

Working with Flannel

Controlling Bias Edges

Basics of Machine Applique

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